Runaway to the woods with me.

fell asleep around 7 o’clock, and woke up at 12:30am.

i should probably be asleep right meow. 

cuz i have that thing called work tomorrow.

ha. haaaa. haahhh.

on the flip side, i really want to get the Galantis sea fox tattooed on my body. i want all da tattooz on my body. errrrrrythang. i have far too many tattoos that i want. 

i still want to get my Washed Out tattoos but i don’t know if i want them on my forearms anymore :O too visible mayneee. and i really just want to save for a giant ass piece. buhhhh. but then i need money for festivals.

first world problem: why can’t i have everything.

but in most ways, i have everything i could ever want :)

tomorrow is my friday. feargazm all evening. then sleepover wiff one of ma mayneees. tear shit up on friday for SIM and then BEATS MOTHERFUCKING ANTIQUE. ugh. my body is so ready to get freaky<3

i don’t think i’ve been this happy in awhile.

ciao bella.


Pussy Caught.
I&#8217;m just ultra confused about everything.

Miley is bae. H8trz leave plz.


i don’t always clean naked.

but when i do, it’s cause i cannnnn bitches.

today is the best day ever.


i haven’t felt this free in a long fuckin time.


This cat is fuckin majestic.

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