“I’ll love forever, to the moon and back and back.”



25th - Porter Robinson @ Myth


10th - Safe in Sound Festival w/Adventure Club, Excision, Flux Pavilion, Caked Up, Terravita, Downlink @ Myth

12th - Odesza @ Triple Rock Social Club

17th - Beats Antique Creature Carnival w/Shpongle, Emancipator, and Lafa Taylor @ Myth

30th - Grizmatik w/the Floozies, BRANX, Illumntr, Lowtemp, and Liberated Showcase @ Myth


25th - Flosstramadus @ Skyway

“How can you care about someone you hardly know?”

How you like them pineapples?

i fell in love with hundreds of people in the course of three days.

and now i’m home.


NoCo may have started a bit rough but it ended in all the right ways.

my feet still tingle at the thought of the way the wind caressed my skin, and my body doesn’t want to stop moving because i want this feeling to last forever. 

i met this boy who made love to my eyes with his finger tips. had me in a trance i couldn’t resist. thank you for letting me share my passion with you and for your kind vibes. your vibes are all that i need.

my innocence was nonexistent.

we enhance our experiences because human connection is really fuckin scary. why would you ever want to allow yourself to be open in front of a bunch of strangers? because that is how you find peace within the world. seriously. we’re all here for the same reason, right? to live in the moment, and to learn as much about life as possible. 

all it took was one glowstick. a new friendship that i would never see again but would forever hold in my heart. 

i really fuckin love glowsticks.

i can’t tell if replaying everything that happened this past weekend is keeping the memories alive, or if it’s a total nightmare. some things, i wish didn’t happen. it left too much room for interpretation. too many things unresolved. questions unanswered. it left me looking up at the sky and asking why my hands were so clammy. 

am i dying or has my heart always beat this fast?

the electric shock of coming in contact but being choked at the same time because you can’t remember how to formulate words. the syllables lingering on your tongue and yet, nothing but silence. all i could focus on, was the heat that was radiating off of those few moments. 

on a different note. i befriended so many dude bros. omgggg. it felt like a huge accomplishment. it sounds so stupid but seriously…if i can befriend dude bros, i can befriend anyone :) i’ll never forget the guys from zed’s dead. when they accepted my bracelets, i think i shed a tiny tear of happiness. and this super awesome guy i met at papadosio<3 i wish i would’ve gotten his name but the hug we shared was plenty.

until the next festival.

ciao bella.


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